Chartering a New Organization

Chartering a New Student Organization



Have you found a void that you believe a new student organization can address? Student Engagement and the SGA Joint Campus Organizations Committee serve as resources to chartering new organizations. The information below will guide students interested in chartering a new organization. For questions, please email

The Spring 2018 charter window will open on Thursday, February 15th and close on Friday, March 30th.
Students seeking to charter a new organization are encouraged to sign up for a Charter Training in OrgSync.


Student Organization Chartering Trainings cover important information regarding the chartering process, how to write a constitution, organization best practices, and Institute policies.  To register, log in to OrgSync with your Georgia Tech credentials. Select  "Events" and search "Charter Trainings" to RSVP. 


Once you have attended a Chartering Training, you will receive an email with a link to the Student Organization Chartering Form. This form is hosted and completed within OrgSync. This form must first be reviewed by the organization Advisor in order to be reviewed by Student Engagement. Organization Advisors receive an email generated by OrgSync to prompt them to review the form. If your advisor has trouble locating this email, prompt them to search "OrgSync" in their spam or clutter folders. 


After both a chartering training and form have been completed for a chartering organization, Student Engagement will create a new OrgSync portal. Be sure to create groups for new members, add your advisor, and promote recruiting events through the Events tool. 


Your constitution will serve as your guiding document for years to come - ensure it serves your organization well! Use the example constitution as a template. Include what your organization must do or must not do; avoid "maybe" or other gray areas. Keep your document appropriately vague to allow the organization and officer positions to grow. 

While you work on drafting the constitution, make sure to continue recruiting new members. You can recruit students by promoting events through the Events tool, tabling in the Student Center or on Tech Walkway, or connecting via social media. 


Once your constitution has been reviewed and approved, begin working on your annual registration form; the form is hosted and completed on OrgSync. Your organization can continue to recruit new members during this process; a minimum of ten members (including executive board members) must join your organization's portal in order to successfully charter. Be sure to upload your constitution draft to your Annual Registration Form. Your advisor is required to review and approve your Annual Registration Form. 


In the final stages of chartering, Student Engagement will first verify the minimum number of members (10) listed in your OrgSync portal. Your organization's constitution will be reviewed and, if necessary, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss amendments. When the document is in its final revisions, the organization will be placed in the queue to be reviewed by the Student Activities Committee (SAC). 

SAC is a faculty committee focused on supporting student organizations. The committee will vote on each pending organization to determine that organization's chartering status. Pending organizations may be invited to present their organization to the committee.