GT1000 Presentations

Contact with your course time, number of students, and preferred presentation. Please make requests at least 2 weeks in advance and include a primary and secondary presentation date preference. We hope to accommodate as many courses as possible, but the staff availability is limited.

Facilitator: Sarah Perkins, Assistant Director of Civic Engagement

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM) promotes socially responsible leadership focused on positive social change.  This presentation will provide an overview of the SCM, which includes three levels – individual, group, and community – and the specific leadership values within each level.  Facilitators will guide students through several activities that encourage self-reflection, group interaction, and community building.  By engaging in these activities and guided conversations, students will gain knowledge about leadership as a process and learn how to engage the SCM values during their Tech experience in order to foster positive social change.


Facilitator: Sarah Perkins, Assistant Director of Civic Engagement

Georgia Tech offers many community service and engagement opportunities for students, but it is often confusing or overwhelming to discover which opportunity is the right fit.  This presentation will provide an overview of the spectrum of service opportunities available at Georgia Tech.  Facilitators will introduce definitions of service to help students understand the distinctions between direct service, advocacy/awareness, and philanthropy and will also review the spectrum of service topics and time commitments required among different types of service organizations or experiences.  Upon request, and with at least three weeks notice, a service student leader panel can be included as part of this presentation.


Facilitator: Quinn Foster, Coordinator, Student Organizations

Students participate in many opportunities inside and outside the classroom, but often need support to make meaning of these experiences.  This presentation will help students make the most of their curricular and co-curricular activities by connecting engagement opportunities with their individual passions.  Through conversation, group activities, and multimedia, facilitators will help students reframe “involvement” as “engagement” and will emphasize how to apply passions to engagement opportunities that are connected to career choices and options beyond Tech.