Student Leader Retreat


Spring 2019 - February 8-9

Applications will open December 2018

The Student Leader Retreat (SLR) is a 2 day program that strives to create a space where Georgia Tech students can practice their leadership skills by collaborating with other organizations and administrators in order to develop relationships to better serve their constituents. Those skills and the synergy created among the participants will be utilized to focus on collaborative solutions to campus issues that impact the campus culture. For over 15 years, the Student Leader Retreat has provided a forum for student leaders, staff, and faculty to engage in meaningful dialogue around leaderhsip developemnt, campus issues and connect student leaders to each other.  


What can a student participant expect in 2018? 

Who are you as a student leader? In 2018, the Student Leader Retreat curriculum is currently being developed in cooperation with a tea of student leaders. Our goal will be to work together to explore student leadership and the way student leader may be more effectively engaeed in theor own leadership journey. 

How do I participate? 

Applications will open December 2018. The program will be open to student leaders on a first come basis to the first 60 applicants. If necessary, decisions will be made to narrow down participants based on student organization representation. 

Student Participant Details 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does the program cost? 

The program is free to those who apply and are accepted. Funds for the program have traditionally been from the Division of Student Life, The Parents Fund, and Buzz Funds.  

What do I need to pack?
A complete packing list will be shared closer to the event. Dress for the retreat is casual. You will be asked to bring your own bedding to be used at the retreat center in bunk style arrangements. 

Where will we be going? 
The retreat will begin on campus in the Student Center and travel by bus to the retreat center in Covington, Georgia before dinner on Friday. 

Do I have to attend the entire retreat? 
Yes. While exceptions may be made for classes that run late on Friday, we ask that all student participants commit to attending the full retreat and traveling to and from the center by bus. The retreat is limited to 60 students. 


In 2018, the Student Leader Retreat worked in cooperation with Leadershape’s Catalyst program to explore the question "Who are you as a student leader?" with student leaders selected from Georgia Tech’s nearly 500 registered student organizations. The first day of the retreat included time to get acquainted with the participants followed by a deep exploration into the personal Strengths. Different from previous student leader retreats, this retreat focused on self-development and taking control of your own leadership story. The retreat explored questions like: Who do I want to be? How can I contribute to the causes and communities about which I am most passionate? 


In 2017, the Student Leader Retreat engaged with the “I Feel Safe When…” campaign. The first day of the retreat included short presentations from workgroups, initiatives, and active taskforces that are currently addressing campus issues (e.g.; Black Student Experience Taskforce, End Suicide Together campaign, Greek Affairs Taskforce, and Health & Wellbeing). Our goal was to work together to create informed and collaborative solutions that addressed student organization impact around the topics emerging from the ‘I Feel Safe When…” campaign. 


In 2016, the Student Leader Retreat focused on strategies to better develop student organization leaders. Student participants were provided a copy of Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet to read prior to the retreat. Coaches from the Leading Edge and Organization Coaching Programs facilitated retreat elements. The goal defined was to work together in order to create collaborative solutions that address student organization leadership support at Georgia Tech.


In 2015 the Student Leader Retreat focused on the work of the Georgia Tech Mental Health Task Force. The goal was to create a space for Student Organization Leaders to work together in order to create collaborative solutions that address this issue on campus. The retreat took place on January 24-25, 2015.